TINT Plumbing Ltd. Is committed to our customer is why we offer:

Upfront Pricing
Over 36 years of experience
On time Services
Licensed, Bonded & Insured company
Weekend Service Available


-Assist in Faucet selection to maximize water efficiency
-Repair or replacement and installation of top-quality brand name fixtures
-Recommendation for upgrades to existing fixtures


- Assist in toilet selection to maximize efficiency, space and design
- Assemble and install a new toilet
- Install Toilet Seats; soft close, bidet seats


-Replace your Sink

Water Lines

-Wirsbo (Upnor) water line system. Certified installer
-Location and repair of leaks
-Replacement of faulty lines
-Water line installation

Gas Lines

-Gas line installation
-Location and repair of leaks
-Replacement of faulty lines

Tubs/ Shower

-Assist in Bathtub, Tub/Shower, Shower, Freestanding, Whirlpool or Walk-in
-shower selection to maximize efficiency, space and design
-Tub/Shower installation

Garbage Disposers

-Assist in selecting the garbage disposal
-Garbage Disposer installation
-A garbage disposal installation will add convenience to your everyday clean-up in the kitchen

Water filters

-Assist in selecting the right unit
-Installing a water filtration system
-A water filtration system can improve the taste and quality of your water while removing
-harmful toxins and chemicals

Water Softener

-Assist to select a high efficiency unit
-Installing a water Softener system
-A Water Softener help you to get brighter clothes, cleaner dishes, and smoother.
-Reduce soap scum and residue on showers.
-Remove hard minerals from your water supply, leave skin feeling smoother, less itchy and make hair softer and more manageable

Water Heater

-Assist in the selection of the right size and technology of water heater to fit your needs
-Water heater installation
-Assemble the heater per local and national code requirements

In-Floor Hot Water Heating

-Assist in the layout of the area
-Installation of in-floor hot water heating system
-In-floor hot water heating is one of the best and most efficient, quiet and comfortable methods to heat your home or commercial building
-The benefits of in-floor heating are Allergens and dust aren’t blown around the home because vents aren’t used to distribute heat
-It is one of the most cost-effective heating solutions that it is commercially available
-An in-floor heating system uses little electricity, so it’s an especially effective option for those who live in areas where electricity is expensive

Bathroom Design

-Bathrooms for a new construction or renovation, takes planning, preparation and expertise
-Tint Plumbing can help you to transform your bathroom into the luxurious and functional space you’ve always wanted
-We can assist homeowners with the selection of fixtures to create exactly the look and feel they want.
-High quality work is not just expected; it is a commitment
-Tint Plumbing assures quality workmanship to each project
-We take good care of our customers and we can help you to achieve what you envisioned for your bathroom. We will assist in turning it in to a reality.

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